JA Solar-JAM6-60/SI


Monocrystalline 60-cell
10W>industry average

  • JAM6-60/SI

Best-selling monocrystalline module in the world

Approx. 4% more power output per m²

Higher conversion efficiency, higher capacity and power output performance per unit area

Note: Data is based on the comparison of the JAM6-60 / SI modules (270W) and similar products on the market (260W).

Industry average



Higher module efficiency reduces system costs per watt

Reduction of transportation costs 3.5%
Reduction of land costs 3%
Reduction of installation costs 2%
Reduction of BOS-costs (especially of the assembly system 1%

Note: Data is based on the comparison of the JAM6-60 / SI module (270W) and similar products on the market (260W).

  • 3.5% lower Transportation costs
  • 3% lower Land costs
  • 2% lower Installation costs
  • 1% lower Bos costs

High Reliability

Triple International Electrical Commission (IEC) test guarantees long-term reliability

Excellent anti-PID performance

Double electroluminescence (EL) tests guarantee fault-free modules

Lower contact resistance and optimized soldered connections as well as reduced grid breakage of cell conductor tracks through double-printing technology

100% automated production facilities using state-of-the-art plant technology

IEC Standard Test
Thermal cycling,200 cycles
Damp heat 1000 hours
Humidty freeze 10 cycles
Hot spot endurance 5 hours
Thresher Test
Thermal cycling,600 cycles
Damp heat 3000 hours
Humidity freeze 30 cycles
Hot spot endurance 20 hours


Cell grid breakage
Silicon wafer
First printing
Silicon wafer
Double printing



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