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Since its foundation, JA Solar has always stuck to the human-oriented principle.

“Joyful work, grateful life” is a part of JA Solar’s corporate culture which is strongly promoted.
The company is not only a place to work and earn one’s living. JA Solar offers a lot more: At JA Solar, we assist in acquiring knowledge, mastering skills, developing as a person and together we lay the foundation for a successful career.


“No confidence, no wonderfulness“

Cultural and sportive activities are the opportunity for our employees to show their talents and interests. Performance, competitions, trips and many other recreational activities give all staff the opportunity to actively get involved. Not only does this enrich the employees’ leisure time, but it also increases team work and coordination.


“No growth, no success“

Vocational training and further training – a path to improve one‘s own skills. The employees’ competences are promoted by our company. Events include joint reading, field observation, training and career planning. Furthermore, we create the space for our employees to develop


“No equality, no harmony“

Interaction and communication – a platform for team communication. Our company offers various exchange and communication platforms to our staff as to optimize the information flow, make people work closer together and increase team spirit.

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