JA Solar-JACP6RF-4


Average Efficiency >18.4%
Highest Efficiency >18.6%

  • JACP6RF-4
  • JA Cypress 2
  • Industry Average
  • 4BB-Design reduces cell series resistance and stress between cell connection lines and improves the reliability and the efficiency of modules. 

  • Average mass production conversion efficiency > 18.4%

    CYPRESS 3 4BB Multi Cell

    Fine double-printing

  • Excellent anti-PID performance

    JA Solar started mass production of PID-resistant cells (under the following conditions: 60°C, 85% humidity, -1000V, 96 hours) in October 2012.

  • Lower power loss through encapsulation

    Appropriate electrical performance parameters (high voltage and low voltage)  
    Current evaluation and positive tolerance for the cell performance compensation guarantee a very low loss from cells to modules.

  • Excellent solderability

    Application of double-printing technology in production improves solderability.

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